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lignin sulfonate as pellet binder

作者:   2024-05-17   

Lignin is a natural, environmentally friendly substance that exists in plants. It is renewable, adhesive, and has antibacterial properties.

It is a high-quality pellet binder that can be used in pellet feed.


1.  Lignin is a natural plant substance

Lignin is a natural substance that is widely present in various plants.

In plants, a large amount of lignin is produced annually through photosynthesis.

In natural plants, lignin is like an adhesive, distributed around the fibers and between the small fibers inside the fibers, making it a strong skeletal structure.

The reason why trees can stand erect for tens or even hundreds of meters without falling is because of the adhesive force of lignin.


2. Lignin is environmentally friendly and renewable

Lignin is an environmentally friendly, renewable substance derived from plants.
Lignin binder is a natural compound extracted from plants, with excellent adhesion and solidification properties, and is a green and environmentally friendly binder.

Due to its environmental friendliness and renew-ability, more and more manufacturers and consumers are choosing to use products containing lignin binder .


3.  Antibacterial effect

Another thing to pay attention to is:

Plant extracts (lignin polyphenols) can effectively inhibit various harmful bacteria, such as coliform, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.

Research on its antibacterial mechanism has found that unlike antibiotics, plant extracts (lignin polyphenols) possess this primitive sterilization method, and bacteria cannot develop resistance to them.

On the other hand, lignin polyphenols can provide guarantees for safe, healthy and nutritious food production in animal husbandry and feed industry, improve animal gut microbiota, immune regulation, palatability, and digestion and absorption.


4.  Lignin - a high-quality pellet feed binder

It is an environmentally friendly and efficient solution

Lignin, as a binder for pellet feed, is widely used in various animal and other pellet feed.

This type of binder can improve the quality of feed, increase the commercial value of granular materials, reduce production costs, and reduce economic losses caused by particle breakage for users. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient solution.


5.  Lignin pellet binder is welcomed in feed 

Lignin contains about 60% carbon and a small amount of crude protein, crude fat, and abundant trace elements (such as Ca, Zn, Fe, Mn), which are essential nutrients for animal metabolism. Meanwhile, lignin is an edible fiber.


Previous reports in animal experiments have found that:

Adding 1% lignin sulfonate in feeding materials for laying hens can increase egg production by 20.9%.

In addition, the addition of lignin sulfonate to cattle feed can increase the weight gain rate during the adolescent growth period of bulls.


Lignin can also be used as other feed additives:

As the stabilizers and carriers of choline chloride, it can effectively reduce the water absorption rate of choline chloride, prevent moisture regain, and maintain the vitamins contained in feed, reducing the loss of vitamins in storage.

High purity alkaline lignin is the lignin with the closest performance to natural lignin that can be obtained in industry. Therefore, alkaline lignin related products can be used to treat gastrointestinal disorders for ruminants and monogastric animals. At the same time, alkaline lignin is also a natural substitute for antibiotics.

Cargill, an American company, used lignosulfonate instead of 5% corn meal in the feed for laying hens. The experiment showed that the feed reward was equal and the mortality was the same, which showed that this method was feasible.
It is reported that the US feed standards allow the use of 4% lignin in feed, not only in chicken feed but also in other feed sources.

Every year, a large amount of lignosulfonate is used as  pellet feed binder.


5.  Advantages of lignosulfonate as pellet binder in production:

• Pellet quality
• Press capacity
• Pelleting efficiency
• Die life
• Ability to add steam and fat

• Production costs
• Fines returns
• Power consumption
• Roller slip
• Die blockages
• Feed rejections


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