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lignin and lignosulfonates

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生产批发 效果好 价格低



Freight Transport

Direct logistics Rapid shipment

  • Export and transportation of lignin products-1
  • Export and transportation of lignin products-2
  • Export and transportation of lignin products-3

Liquid Transport

Flexitank is employed to transport liquid, with low costs

  • Container flexitank transportation-1
  • Container flexitank transportation-2
  • Container flexitank transportation-3
  • Container flexitank transportation-4
  • Tank truck transportation-1
  • Tank truck transportation-2

Warehouses Workshops

Stable production, packaging, and supply

  • Lignin products manufacturer-warehouse-1
  • Lignin products manufacturer-warehouse-2
  • Lignin products manufacturer-warehouse-3
  • Lignin products manufacturer-workshop-1
  • Lignin products manufacturer-workshop-2
  • Lignin products manufacturer-workshop-3
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