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Lignin used as dust suppressant for dust control

作者:   2024-05-14   

1、It’s hard to control dust pollution with low costs.

Dust can easily cause air pollution and influence our life and work. Generally, it’s hard to control dust pollution with low costs.

Construction sites have plenty of dust as a result of large-scale dismantling of old buildings, foundation excavations, earthwork, processing of materials including packings and building materials, and movement of personnel and vehicles.

And unhardened roads have dust as well.

These places feature extensive pollution sources, complicated pollution processes, highly random discharges, large dust discharges, extensive spread scopes, and difficulties in management.


2、It’s important to control dust and improve air quality

In urban development, dust pollution arising from construction and unhardened roads seriously influences people’s living environment quality and has adverse impacts on construction, transportation as well. Effective control of dust pollution is an important step to improve air quality.


3、Watering and chemical dust control has limitations

Currently, two methods are mainly used at home and abroad to control unorganized dust: Watering and chemical dust control.

The efficiency of watering dust control is low, and its effect can last several hours only; the operation must be repeated, consuming manpower and materials; repeated watering operations will give rise to the nutrient loss of surface soil, and dust pollution will be more serious if the water content is lower.

Many chemical dust depressors have favorable dust control effects as well as some problems, such as single functions, high prices, poison, corrosivity, highly difficult degradation, and secondary pollution.


4、Dust control with lignin is pollution-free and effective

As a common ingredient of plants, lignin universally exists in natural plants.

Each year, natural plants produce plenty of lignin through photosynthesis.

Like adhesives, lignin is distributed around fibers, bonding cellulose and hemicellulose closely and shaping the skeletons of plants. The adhesive force of lignin is the key to making trees erect even they are dozens or hundreds of meters tall.

Therefore, lignin features favorable adhesion, absorption, and flowability,can be  used as high-efficiency dust suppressant for dust control.


· lignin used as high-efficiency dust suppressant

It can be applied to dust control, such as construction sites, dusty roads, and uncovered dry earth surface.

If water is sprayed to lignosulfonate, dust will be combined after it vaporizes; some materials are bonded together naturally. Besides, new dust particles will be seized to form dustproof, durable solidified layer to prevent dust pollution and losses.

It can effectively control dust, make dust pollution reach the PM10 standards, and reduce air pollution to improve atmospheric environment and air quality.


· Can be used in almost any venue

As a natural product, lignin is non-poisonous, non-irritating, and it is biodegradable, conforming to environment protection requirements.

It can be used anywhere, such as water resources, orchards, and forests, causing no harms to the environment.

In addition, lignin features water-retaining, caking properties and surface activity.


Suggestion on usage:

Please wet any road or uncovered earth surface before spraying the product for better effects.



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